Executive Committee

The COMBS Executive Committee is chaired by Director Arnan Mitchell. The Executive Committee oversees the operations of COMBS, including staffing, membership, budgets, workshops, conferences, and training programs.

Professor Arnan Mitchell

Distinguished Professor Arnan Mitchell is an expert in integrated photonics who works with academics and industry to create technology solutions with real world impact.

Professor David Moss

David is a nanophotonics researcher focused on microcomb technology for use in data communications.

Professor Baohua Jia

Baohua uses light to interact with 2D materials to design nanostructures and nanomaterials for faster optical communications.

Professor Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem

Heike is a specialist in photonics materials – particularly glass and fibres – used for outcomes in advanced manufacturing and defence.

Professor David Lancaster

David is a laser researcher and inventor who is interested in sensing, defence and advanced manufacturing applications.

Dr William (Bill) Corcoran

Bill is an optical communications researcher focusing on using novel photonic technologies to fix problems in the systems underpinning the backbone of the internet.

Professor Meghan Miller

Meghan is an observational seismologist that seeks to understand the structural and dynamic evolution of the Earth.

Associate Professor Irina Kabakova

Irina is an optical physicist exploring advanced imaging techniques for modern biomedical optics, biology and bioengineering.

Professor (Carel) Martijn de Sterke

Martijn is a theoretical physicist with interests in nonlinear optics, lasers, and theoretical mechanics.