Our team is liberating the world’s most accurate measurement tool from the lab and is exploring how this technology might transform biomedical imaging, precision measurement, the internet and astronomy.

ARC Centre of Excellence

Optical Microcombs for
Breakthrough Science

The world’s most accurate ruler, called the optical frequency comb, has revolutionised the measurement of time and space – in fact we use this technology every day as it runs the GPS in our smartphones.

However, today’s optical frequency combs are large, expensive and complex and remain trapped in specialist laboratories. The extraordinary potential of the optical frequency comb remains largely untapped.

We are making optical frequency combs as inexpensive, readily available and accessible as today’s consumer electronics enabling the hunt for earth-like planets, increased internet data speeds, rapid greenhouse gas measurement and more accurate mapping of our earthquake prone areas.

What we do

Microcomb Science and Technology

Understand new optical physics for generating combs, structures and materials

Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Better understand living organisms and complex gases

Information and Intelligence

Advance record-breaking internet transmission for rapid brain-like machine learning

Sensing and Measurement

Create compact robust atomic clocks for structural monitoring and mapping of geological features


Deliver new calibration standards for astronomical spectrographs to search for planets in other solar systems

We are taking expressions of interest

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We are currently taking expressions of interest from PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers.